United Docks Insights - January 2018
CEO's Message
Dear Valued Stakeholder,

I am very pleased to share with you the latest developments at United Docks in January 2018.

The month of January was marked by the start of 3 major projects which were presented in the Insights Edition of December 2017. The 3 projects include, firstly renovation of UDL House for office and commercial use, secondly, Fanfaron Quays which is a mixed-use development comprising commercial, office, warehousing & industrial space and thirdly, Docks Lounge, a restaurant and pub. The three projects have started and are under implementation.

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Nitin Pandea  
Chief Executive Officer
Our Latest News
Docks Lounge

This completely refurbished place gives a splendid view on the waterfront and on the skyscrapers of the capital City. The availability of free parking makes Docks Lounge accessible and convenient.

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Park and Ride

United Docks recently launched a Park and Ride facility in Caudan to provide a world-class parking and full-day free shuttle facility to the City Centre.

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Art Gallery
United Docks Business Park launched an art gallery within its premises, operated by 3A The Excellence of Art, on 14th September 2017.

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Launching Of Dwarka Chambers

Dwarka Chambers launched its Office Notarial on 15th December 2017.

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Docks Community

Glenara Management Services Ltd

Glenara Management Services Ltd is a tenant of United Docks Business Park since April 2017.

We are pleased to share with you in this Edition an interview of Ms. Lorna Chuttoo, Chief Executive Officer of Glenara Management Services Ltd.

  • What is the experience of Glenara at United Docks Business Park?

  • The Experience of Glenara has been very positive and enriching. United Docks staff have been very attentive to details. The team has been very proactive with regards to issues and queries.

  • Tell us more about the activities of Glenara as an offshore management company?

  • Glenara has been incorporated in 2008 and since then has offered various onshore and offshore solutions to clients in terms of Global Business Companies, Trusts, Foundations, Fund Administration, Private Trust Companies and Protected Cell Companies. Glenara also provides adhoc services, namely company secretarial, registered agent, bank account opening and accounting solutions.

  • What is the outlook for the Global Business Sector for Mauritius?

  • Offshore solutions are subject to close scrutiny from various authorities and also to international regulations implemented in our local legislations. Despite challenges, Glenara is convinced that Mauritius is a safe financial centre for international investments.

  • What do you think should be done to bring more substance to the Mauritian jurisdiction?

  • To bring more substance to Mauritius, we need to move from our traditional approach of attracting investors and give more opportunities in niche markets to demarcate from other jurisdictions while keeping in mind international changes.

  • Why should a potential client choose to work with Glenara?

  • At Glenara, we aim to provide innovative solutions to our clients and also user friendly approach by accompanying the client in their day-to-day management. Customer service has a different approach where every query is answered within the hour or so. This brings comfort to our clients given that they are not physically present most of the times.

  • What are the future expansion plans of Glenara?

  • Glenara is thriving to expand more in the African markets as we believe that there is immense potential emerging markets. We are aiming to offer one-stop-shop and a platform to clients where they can rest assured when they choose Glenara.


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