United Docks Insights - December 2017
CEO's Message
Dear Valued Stakeholder,

2017 has been a year of metamorphosis for United Docks. Two major projects were completed, namely setting up of United Docks Business Park with fully-fitted office modules and launching of a “Park and Ride” facility with 700 parking bays including a full-day free shuttle facility.

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Nitin Pandea  
Chief Executive Officer
Our Latest News
Cerne Docks

United Docks collaborated with Porlwi by Nature team to make people discover Cerne Docks, which is an old stone building of 1000 sqm on the Quays of Trou Fanfaron

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Discover Quay Heights: The Forthcoming Tallest Mixed-Use Development of Mauritius

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Renovation of UDL House
The United Docks Business Park is gradually transforming itself into an International Financial Centre (IFC) with prestigious tenants in the financial services sector.

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Fanfaron Quays
United Docks is implementing a mixed-use renovation project known as Fanfaron Quays at Trou Fanfaron on an extent of 7 arpents.

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Docks Community

Interview with Mr. Clement Yue Chi Ming, MD of La Prudence Leasing

La Prudence Leasing is a tenant of United Docks Business Park since July 2017.
We are pleased to share with you in this edition an interview of Mr. Clement Yue Chi Ming, Managing Director of La Prudence Leasing.

  • La Prudence Leasing has been at United Docks Business Park for the last 6 months. How do you see the Park?

  • First let me congratulate and thank the Centre Management Team for giving me this opportunity to say a few words in this first edition of United Docks Insights.

    When we moved to United Docks Business Park in July this year, there were still some works in progress and today we are happy to see that most of the major works have now been completed. The easy access and central location of the Business Park were the key reasons for us to move to the Park.

    My team has now settled in quite easily in their new environment with a more spacious office in a historic building. The shuttle facilities to the Caudan Waterfront is a good initiative on part of the Centre Management and we are thankful to the team who spares no efforts to attend to our requirements. Moreover, the park is very spacious and secured. Good neighbourhood amongst all tenants and we look forward to see more tenants coming in the restaurant facilities expected to be operational early next year.

  • What is your assessment of the current state of the leasing sector?

  • The leasing sector has posted sustainable growth over the past years on the back of a buoyant automobile sector and despite the construction sector facing some serious challenges. We need to acknowledge that the leasing market is quite small and restricted in terms of asset class financing with vehicles, equipment and machinery.

    Additionally, apart from competing with other leasing companies, we also have banks and insurance companies tapping the same client base as they also provide loans for asset financing. Notwithstanding these challenges, we differentiate ourselves by giving a personalised service, quick reply and right solutions in line with our motto of being 'Accessible, Active, Adaptable and Agile`.

  • Why should a potential customer work with La Prudence Leasing?

  • As a deposit taking institution, we are regulated by the Central Bank of Mauritius and the Financial Services Commission to offer Operating and Finance leases. La Prudence Leasing is a solution-driven entity and a long term partner in business. We are here to support our clients’ needs and serving them passionately in our chosen market segments. We listen, understand and provide with a quick decision and solution.

  • What are the future plans of La Prudence Leasing?

  • Since joining La Prudence Leasing in June this year, my priorities were to listen to the team, clients and regulators and understand the business environment we are operating in. I have recently presented my 3-year strategic plan to my Board and I am very confident and positive on the future of this company.

    With the support of my Board members and team members, our main objective is to grow our market share sustainably in a controlled manner with the right level of shareholders' returns. Our clients will continue to be central in all what we do. We adhere to the highest Governance and Control standards and review our operating model to unlock our potential for growth. We want to be the `Top of Mind` leasing company and we have already started this exciting journey as 2017 dawns... and soon welcome 2018 !

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